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Transport Automation Group Secures Bogie Load Order


Chagrin Falls, Ohio October 27, 2010:


The Schenck Process Mining and Transport Automation group has secured an order with Macton of Connecticut for a rail car test stand called the Bogie Load.


The Bogie Load product is a precise measurement system that applies and then measures forces applied to a ‘bogie’ or ‘truck’ of a rail car. The rail car truck or bogie is the assembly of wheels, axles and springs on which the car rides.


In New Haven, Connecticut, a new rail car shop is being built to handle repair and maintenance of the new M8 passenger rail cars for the Metro North passenger line. The Schenck Process Bogie Load will enable maintenance personnel to test and adjust springs and other components of the bogie in the shop to maintain a smooth and safe ride for passengers on the tracks.


This order was made possible by the successful product integration of Schenck Process Group products in the U.S. The Bogie Load is one of the many transportation products Schenck Process is making available to the U.S. market that are the first of their kind.


For more information on this and other Schenck Process Mining and Transport Automation products and services, visit our website: or contact Ralph Harris: (800) 289-7326 or



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